Converter Combines Flow and Analysis in One Device

OPTISENS MAC 100 multiparameter converter from Krohne
Converter Combines Flow and Analysis in One Device

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The OPTISENS MAC 100 multiparameter converter from Krohne, based on the long-standing IFC signal converter used for electromagnetic flowmeters, combines flow and analysis in one device.

With a familiar look, feel and configuration, the device allows quick commissioning, reduced training times and standardization of hardware. “Customers will find it very easy to use,” says Richard Lowrie, water and wastewater industry manager. “It’s got a straightforward menu structure and is designed to be robust and last a long time.”

Users specify the number and type of signal inputs and outputs and define the complexity of the measuring point and the number of parameters. A modular design offers flexibility in configurations, from cost-efficient single-channel converters to complex measuring systems.

The device is suitable for measuring such parameters as pH/oxygen reduction potential (ORP), free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, conductive conductivity, inductive conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. Regardless of which sensor is used or which parameter is measured, the device offers standardized startup and operation. Users can opt to measure two different parameters or connect two different sensors to one single converter, eliminating the need to install a second converter.

The unit’s self-cleaning chlorine sensors and compensation for cross-sensitivities ensure reliable data. The aluminum housing with IP66 category protection makes the device suited for external installation in harsh ambient conditions, including sedimentation tanks or sludge treatment units. 800/356-9464;


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