Legal Notice: On March 24, 2017 MAB environmental Services, Inc. and Matthew Brozena, former owner of MAB Environmental Services, pled guilty to violations of the federal Clean Water Act in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. From 2009-20012, during the federal field investigation, MAB Environmental Services was a small business that operated privately-owned wastewater and drinking water treatment plants for clients. At the time, MAB employed eight wastewate/water operators who worked at 10 facilities across the state of Pennsylvania. Mr. Brozena was the only supervisor in the company. The federal investigation lasted five years and was conducted by the Pennsylvania DEP, the U.S Environmental Protection, and the U.S Department of Justice. As a result, government investigators determined that during the period 2009-2012 three operators working for MAB Environmental at two facilities committed a range of violations including (1) discarding samples and resampling when the operator believed that the measurments would exceed the permit limits, (2) failing to report sample results on monthly discharge monitoring reports making the sample results "non-representative " of the monitored activity, and (3) falsifying, tampering with, and rendering inaccurate monitoring methods required to be used under the Clean Water Act. Two of these employees were convicted of a felony clean water violation and the third was charged with misdemeanor (negligent) violation. Although Matthew Brozena was not aware of the illegal activities carried out by his employees, he believes that he should have managed his employees more closely and was responsible for their actions. He ultimately pled guilty in U.S district Court to Clean Water Act misdemeanor. Mr. Brozena was sentenced to three years of probation with the first six months to be served as house arrest. Additionally, he had to pay a $100,000 fine. Conditions of probation required that a notice is intended to fulfill this requirement. Since the federal investigation ended, the company has reorganized and the staff has increased to operators who now manage over 150 facilities. Prior to his conviction in 2017, and in order to ensure that thes violations do not recur, Mr. Brozena voluntarily retained Burnside Environmental Group, comprised of former U.S. Environmental Protections Agency experts, to assist the company with the development of an Environmental Compliance Plan which established to ensure maximum compliance with state and federal environmental laws and regulations. After his company expanded, Mr Brozena developed the resources to employ three field supervisors to provide hands-on supervision for operators in the field. In order to ensure compliance, other companies that provide these services should make certain that they (1) hire employees with integrity and a good work ethic, (2) provide adequate supervision of field operators, and (3) they should develop and implement guidance such as an Environmental Compliance to provide appropriate direction and structure to their field operations. (o09)