Three Woofs for Operators! Stray Dog Rescued at Phoenix Plant

One puppy finds her forever home, thanks to a wastewater treatment plant crew.
Three Woofs for Operators! Stray Dog Rescued at Phoenix Plant
Workers at the Phoenix (Arizona) Water Service Department rescued this pup from a non-potable water contact basin.

You never know what a day will bring. One minute, you’re making rounds at your plant, and the next you’re lassoing an exhausted puppy from a treated wastewater basin. Well, maybe that doesn't happen to everyone, but it’s how things rolled at the City of Phoenix (Arizona) Water Service Department earlier this week.

After an hour-long rescue effort, crews lifted a stray dog from the plant’s non-potable water contact basin. The 1-year-old pup, which the crew named “Chanel” in recognition of the plant’s water channels, was sent to the West Valley Animal Care Center to await adoption.

“We’re trained in a lot of things, but not that,” says crew member Michael Lay in a Phoenix 3TV report. “It’s the first dog we’ve seen roaming around and then to jump in an actual channel.”

The workers eventually coaxed the animal near a wall and used a pole to hold her up. The animal was quickly tiring and her legs were cramping up. The workers brought in a strap and lassoed the dog, pulling her out of the water. Although exhausted, the puppy was in good condition and was well cared for by the plant staff.

“Because of all the hard work that the City of Phoenix workers did, we want to make sure that we do everything to try and get her adopted, “ says Melissa Gable from the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control center in the 3TV report.

As for Chanel? Good news from the City of Phoenix: The pup found her happily-ever-after home not too long after her adventurous day.

“She went to a loving family, and we are thrilled,” says Public Information Officer Stephanie Bracken.

Source: Phoenix 3TV


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