Happy Fix-A-Leak Week 2014! Now Go Tweet About It

It's a great week to get out on social media and speak to the public about leaks and the value of water.
Happy Fix-A-Leak Week 2014! Now Go Tweet About It

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Earlier this week, we got to know our house intimately. And by that, I mean I got to spend an evening on the roof, clearing ice dams and looking for problems with the flashing around our chimney. Nothing says “fun” like toting hot water up a ladder to melt ice out of a gutter. This was the second leak in our roof this season. I am officially tired of hearing the word “leak.”

Which is ironic, considering this week, March 17 to 21, is national Fix-A-Leak Week. (I suppose I should also admit at this point that my kitchen sink is leaking. And maybe the downstairs bathroom sink. OK, and maybe a toilet or two. Like I said, I’m having nightmares about leaks.).

But with Fix-A-Leak Week here, it’s a good time to do something about it, right?

As the yearly EPA-sponsored event approached, I’ve enjoyed watching creative public education efforts come out of water utilities and municipalities around the country. From family fun runs and timed races to organizations giving away toilet leak detection kits to social media campaigns, the message has taken many different forms. And all of them have pointed out the same basic fact: Fixing leaks saves water and money.

On Facebook, California Water Service Company is running a campaign throughout March called “Which H2O Hero Are You?” Anyone who follows the utility can take a short quiz about leaks and water-saving tips to receive a water hero identity. Miraculously, and despite the many leaks in my own home, I earned the moniker “Water Wizard” after answering a series of questions.

If you’re on Twitter, watch for the #FixaLeak hashtag this week. WasteWater Education has organized a Golden Plunger Relay Race, in which participating teams will pass EPA WaterSense water facts around Twitter. EPA WaterSense will also host a Twitter party on March 17 from 2 to 3 p.m, Eastern.

If your utility or municipality is on social media, this week is a great time to post about leak detection, water value and more. Use the EPA WaterSense facts as a starting point, and have fun with it. And let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear success stories about your social media efforts and how the public has responded to your messages.

I think I’ll start by posting a picture of my leaky kitchen faucet and vowing to fix it this year. #FixALeak #NoMoreDripping #ValueofWater


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