The Fire Chief Project: What's the 12th greatest breakthrough since the wheel?

It’s a major reason people live much longer now than 100+ years ago.

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According to The Atlantic magazine, your profession is more significant than:
· The lever and the nail.
· Television and radio.
· The automobile and the airplane.
· Oil refining.
· The telephone and the personal computer.

And they say your profession is perhaps less significant than:
· The printing press.
· Electricity.
· Vaccination.
· The Internet.
· Paper.
· The internal combustion engine.

Where does this come from? The November issue of The Atlantic includes an article headlined, “The 50 greatest breakthroughs since the wheel.” On that list, sanitation systems rank 12th most important. They are “a major reason we live 40 years longer than we did in 1880.”

It’s not the first time sanitation has risen to the top of a list of historically significant breakthroughs. In 2007, the British Medical Journal named sanitation as the greatest medical milestone of the last 150 years.

Letting your community members know about this latest ranking from The Atlantic is a great way to further the aims of The Fire Chief project:
· Raise clean-water operators to the stature of the fire chief.
· Makes kids grow up wanting to be clean-water operators.

Post this link on your website so people can see how important your plant is, and how important you and your team members are.


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