Who said the Brits were stiff and boring? Check this FOG/wipes video

Rap number tells residents of London not to flush wipes, fats, oils, grease – or anything except "loo roll, poo and pee"

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So much for the reputation of the British as reserved and dull. A group of London sewer workers perform in a rap number in which they describe the evils of flushing FOG, baby wipes and other improper materials down the toilet.

You can see the 3-minute video, “Sewerman Style,” here.

These white-suited sewer guys really rock while they deliver a message in unmistakably clear terms:

The historic brick sewers under London are our hood

But so many people don’t treat them like they should


If you flush it, then we see it

We really do, yeah, we really do

All your wet wipes, your cooking fat

It blocks down here, hey, and needs to be cleared, hey


London’s mighty sewers should take loo roll, poo or pee

Flushing any other stuff is criminality

Bin it don’t block it is the sewer flusher’s cry

Bin it don’t block it or we’ll poke you in the eye.

Got that?

Other videos and information aimed at training the public on what to flush can be found at the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) website: http://www.nacwa.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1581&Itemid=28


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