Wastewater treatment has become an issue in the chemical and petroleum industry. As a result it is imperative to find solutions for the reuse or dumping of generated wastewater. In order to reuse or properly dump wastewater, the water must be maintained to have a pH balance of 7. Caustic and acidic additives are added to wastewater to ensure this, and with the help of proper blending, wastewater can become neutral in no time. Whether you are pH balancing wastewater in a tank or in a basin, tank liquid agitators (TLAs) can provide the mixing efficiency required to blend and balance wastewater in a timely matter. Computational fluid dynamic software can be used to show the placement, quantity, and pitch of the TLAs based on customer specifications to prove the blending results. With questions, please email Clarence Dela Vega, Eductor Sales Specialist, or call 440/846-7653. Download the white paper.