Q-Press Provides High Performance and Low Cost of Operation

The new generation of Huber Technology’s proven sludge dewatering press is even more efficient, providing reliable operation and reduced operating costs.

Flocculated sludge is pumped into a cylindrical screen basket wherein an auger slowly rotates. The diameter of the auger’s shaft increases towards the end of the basket and the gap between its flights decreases. The volume between basket, shaft and flights continuously decreases, and the pressure thus increases, as the sludge is moved through the basket. Sludge water is pressed through the basket’s screen.

The auger pushes the increasingly thicker sludge towards the annular clearance, defined by a circular opening and an adjustable discharge cone therein. The cone is pressed against the opening by pneumatic cylinders, thus maintaining a defined sludge pressure at the discharge end.

Scrapers on the screw shaft permanently clean the filter basket from the inside. A stationary spray bar backwashes it periodically and segment by segment from the outside without interrupting the dewatering process.

Energy efficiency
The screw drives exceed the current energy efficiency standards of electric motors. Due to maximised electrical efficiency the Huber Screw Press Q-PRESS can therefore be operated with higher solids throughputs.

Dewatering results
Unique scrapers on the screw shaft permanently and reliably clean the inner filter surface with every rotation of the screw. Additionally, the scrapers are optimally arranged to increase cleaning frequency. Free water can thus very easily run off. As a result, dewatering efficiency increases and flocculant consumption is reduced. Due to the significantly enlarged open filter, surface filter baskets with the same bar spacings are able to handle higher hydraulic loads without impairment of filtrate quality. The outside of the filter is cleaned without interrupting the dewatering process. The pre-dewatering and press zone can be washed independently of each other. Rewetting of press sludge through washing is reduced to a minimum especially in the press zone without neglecting the important washing in the pre-dewatering zone.

As an option, the three segments of the filter baskets are available as axially divided segments. Only the upper half of the basket needs to be removed for maintenance. The lower half of the filter basket can be removed from the screw shaft by means of a special mechanism but remains inside the filtrate chamber of the Q-Press during maintenance. This saves a lot of time, reduces space requirements and the need for using lifting devices for maintenance.

For more advantages of the Q-Press and more information on its special applications, download the brochure here.

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