The new organization will provide a unified source for One Water research

The Boards of Directors for the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) and Water Research Foundation (WRF) have voted unanimously to integrate the two organizations into one research foundation. Bringing the two foundations together creates a stronger, broader, more interconnected research agenda that offers greater value to the water community. 

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2018, the new organization will be led by a single board of directors comprised of the directors from the two organizations with co-chairs Chuck Murray and Kevin Shafer and co-CEOs Melissa Meeker and Rob Renner.

The new organization will have approximately 1,200 subscribers, 2,300 research studies and a $700 million portfolio.

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“The decision to integrate these two organizations is a great victory for the water community,” says Rob Renner, CEO of WRF. “The new organization will leverage resources and funding to solve the water sector’s research needs in new and exciting ways.”

“Harnessing the collective passion of our staffs, volunteers, and supporters to focus on research which meets the needs of all water professionals will provide an outstanding benefit for our subscribers,” says Melissa Meeker, WE&RF CEO. “We are looking forward to the challenge.”

The integration represents the evolution of water research issues, the overlap between water and wastewater, and efficiencies to be gained through a consolidated research program.

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The new organization will provide a unified source for One Water research and serve as a model for collaboration across the water industry.

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