GTI helps a treatment plan remain a good neighbor and prevents foul odors from disturbing the peace

The Utility:
A wastewater treatment plant in a new community development in North Carolina.

The Utility’s Needs:
When the affluent, new home development was being established, odor control was top of mind. The wastewater treatment plant was in close proximity to the new development, which includes 900 acres of preserved open space, including 24 miles of trails, 10 neighborhood parks, a community pool and water park, as well as outdoor sport courts. Management of the wastewater treatment plant wanted to cover its equalization chamber to prevent foul odors from negatively affecting the everyday experience of residents.

The Solution:
Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI) was selected to design, fabricate and supply a structurally supported cover for the wastewater treatment plant. The custom cover is designed with truncated arches in order to accommodate the unique shape of the tank, ensuring a perfect fit for the purposes of odor control.

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The 27- by 27-foot retractable cover spans the opening of the chamber with the support of the aluminum arches. These arches allow the cover to be easily rolled open when needed so that plant operators can access the inside of the equalization chamber for routine maintenance and cleaning.

The Results:
The GTI retractable cover helps prevent foul odors from the wastewater treatment plant from wafting into the community. This helps the wastewater treatment plant be a good neighbor, minimizing public nuisance.

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