This app provides an alkalinity equivalent calculator for use in water and wastewater treatment

This app calculates the alkalinity added from one of several common alkalinity-supplying chemicals at a user specified dosing rate. It then computes and outputs the dose of Thioguard or TG 325 OX that would add an equivalent amount of alkalinity.

When you utilize Thioguard in your wastewater treatment plant you will maintain a narrower operational pH range, with higher buffering capacity — even over extended periods of time and variable influent conditions. Thioguard delivers double the alkalinity per gallon when compared to caustic soda, and triple the alkalinity per gallon when compared to lime slurry, resulting in greater operational efficiency.

Harness the power of Thiogaurd. Click here to learn more.

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Search for “Premier Alkulator” in the iTunes app store to download directly to your iPhone.

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