Replacement cover for Melbourne Water's Western Treatment Plant in Australia boasts benefits

Case Study: Massive lagoon cover collects biogas, generates revenue and reduces odors (Geomembrane Technologies Case Study)

Problem: Melbourne Water Western Treatment Plant in Werribee, Australia, had been harnessing biogas for more than 25 years, but the cover of its anaerobic lagoon was nearing end of life. The replacement cover needed to withstand rugged conditions, manage odors and provide operational efficiencies.

Solution: Geomembrane Technologies partnered with John Holland-KBR Joint Venture to design, fabricate and install a replacement cover. The 19-acre cover has two sections connected by a dual arched central panel. The independent operation of the segments allows for maintenance and cleaning while other segments remain in service. The textured nonslip surface is safe to walk on. The cover is connected to the gas plant with 1,640 feet of large-diameter piping, which includes condensate drainage and emergency vent systems.

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Result: The cover collects 78,500 cubic yards of biogas per day, worth $2.78 million per year. It contributes to generating more than 40 percent of the site’s electricity for treatment processes. Greenhouse gas emissions and odors are reduced. 855/484-4630;

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