See what’s going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects

Project: Installation of first TrojanUVSigna disinfection system
Details: Will disinfect 4 mgd
Status: Planning phase
Cost: Unknown

Project: Three wastewater projects
Details: Upgrades to lift station, storm sewers and new outfall pipe and trench
Status: Funded
Cost: $2.8 million


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St. Lucie County
Project: Full-scale O&M for county’s water/wastewater systems
Details: Contract awarded to Severn Trent-North America
Status: Ongoing contract for the next five years
Cost: More than $7.5 million

Project: Wastewater treatment plant upgrade
Details: Addition of headworks building, storm-water pumps, sludge pumps, flow measuring devices and third primary clarifier
Status: Complete
Cost: $12 million

Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Plant was four years in the making
Status: Ribbon-cutting ceremony held
Cost: $12 million

Project: New technology at wastewater treatment plant
Details: World Water Works to implement Ideal IFAS system
Status: Planning phase
Cost: Unknown

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Project: Wastewater infrastructure improvements
Details: Upgrades an aging wastewater system and reduces risk to the Kennebec River
Status: Funds awarded by USDA
Cost: $5 million

Project: First portion of wastewater cleanup plan
Details: Sewers will be built in East Harwich and wastewater pumped to Chatham’s WWTP
Status: Ongoing project
Cost: $9 million

New Mexico
Rio Rancho
Project: Wastewater treatment plant construction
Details: New facility would treat 1.5 mgd
Status: City council planning phase
Cost: $22 million

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North Carolina
Project: Wastewater treatment plant upgrade
Details: Will increase the plant’s capacity by nearly 2 mgd
Status: Funded
Cost: $5.7 million

North Dakota
Grand Forks
Project: Water treatment plant
Details: Will be operational in the next few years
Status: Under construction
Cost: $150 million

Project: Rehabilitation of three biological wastewater treatment trains at Wekiva Hunt Club Wastewater Facility
Details: Will undergo equipment and structural improvements, extend the plant’s life and meet requirements.
Status: Evoqua Water Technologies selected for work
Cost: Unknown

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South Dakota
Project: Water treatment plant expansion
Details: Will boost the 1972 facility’s capacity to 5 mgd
Status: Groundbreaking held
Cost: $34 million

Projects: Wastewater management
Details: Sewer line rehabilitation work
Status: Project green lighted by city council
Cost: $10 million

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