TG 325 OX is a proven, premium-quality, technical-grade magnesium oxide, manufactured through a proprietary process for application in municipal water and wastewater treatment. TG 325 OX is mined and processed exclusively by Premier Magnesia in the U.S.

No capital expenditures necessary
Your existing storage and feed system can be used to deliver TG 325 OX without costly modifications. You can begin reaping the benefits of TG 325 OX without upfront costs.

Superior handling
TG 325 OX is manufactured to an exacting particle size and specific surface area to provide the highest reactivity, and superior handling. This provides consistent performance, less caking and clumping, and better dispersion, which is critical to treatment plant operations, while reducing sludge generation.

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Delivers more alkalinity per pound
TG 325 OX has the highest available surface area and reactivity as a result of Premier's proprietary manufacturing process. Wastewater treatment is performed in a sensitive biological environment wherein operation is performed at near-neutral or slightly alkaline conditions, requiring the highest reactive grade magnesium oxide available. Less reactive grades are incapable of sufficiently neutralizing acid generated in these environments, and will pass through the system unused or accumulate as sludge. TG 325 OX results in improved plant performance and reduced operating costs.

Total system treatment
TG 325 OX is available at distribution terminals throughout the U.S., and delivers total system treatment with multiple additional benefits. When compared to quicklime, there is no slaking required. TG 325 OX is the practical choice that provides a safer, more cost-effective alternative.

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