See what’s going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects

Project: Odor control improvements
Details: Totals 43,000 cfm for the Ocotillo Water Reclamation Facility
Status: EcoVerde chosen for the project
Cost: Unknown

Project: Construction of new water treatment plant
Details: New plant aims to meet and exceed EPA standards
Status: Contract awarded
Cost: $2 million

Marin County
Project: Smart water meter pilot project
Details: Testing Advanced Meter Information technology
Status: 200 smart meters installed at homes in the county
Cost: $850,000

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North Vancouver
Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: Will enhance secondary treatment and resource recovery
Status: Fifty-eight percent of funding received from federal and provincial governments
Cost: $700 million

White City, Saskatchewan
Project: Construction of new wastewater treatment plant
Details: Design will accommodate future population growth in the region
Status: Partially funded by federal and provincial governments
Cost: $21.9 million

Project: Repairing wastewater equipment
Details: Aims to increase capacity
Status: Contract awarded to Keokuk Contractors Inc.
Cost: $485,000

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Fort Pierce
Project: Indian Hills Recreation Area
Details: Improves the quality of the Indian River lagoon by providing treatment for a 1,242-acre watershed of urban and commercially developed land
Status: Grand opening held
Cost: $1.4 million awarded by state DEP

Project: Water and wastewater improvements
Details: Upgrading 24-year-old chiller system and repairing gravity thickener
Status: Project requested by city council
Cost: $900,000

New Jersey
Project: New water mains
Details: Installing 13,650 feet of new pipe
Status: Slated for completion this spring
Cost: $2.6 million

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Project: Large infrastructure campaign called Water for Tomorrow
Details: Numerous projects included in plan
Status: Middlesex Water Company to invest through 2018
Cost: $160 million

New York
Project: Repairing wastewater treatment plant
Details: Complete overhaul of components that have exceeded their lifespan
Status: Consulting phase
Cost: $35 million

Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: Plant will be 1.5 mgd, but will be able to handle 12 mgd during storms
Status: Bid awarded to Global Heavy Corp.
Cost: $11.8 million

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