See what’s going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects.

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Paso Robles
Project: New tertiary treatment
Details: will allow facility to recycle treated wastewater for irrigation or recharging groundwater basin
Status: Construction beginning this summer
Cost: $17 million


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Project: New wastewater treatment facility
Details: Constructing a new 75,000 gallon per day treatment plant and new operations building
Status: Funded by state DEP, groundbreaking held
Cost: $1.5 million


Panama City
Project: WWTP upgrade
Details: New treatment process will eliminate smell and process 7-10 million gpd
Status: Slated for 2019 completion
Cost: $30 million

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Project: Design and construction of first above-ground containment system in district
Details: Will provide water storage for 300 million gallons of stormwater per year and remove an estimated 1.5 tons of phosphorous per year from flowing downstream
Status: Funded by state DEP, groundbreaking held
Cost: $4 million

Project: City wastewater collection rehabilitation
Details: constructing a new gravity sewer and reducing stormwater entering the system
Status: Funded by state DEP, groundbreaking held
Cost: $5.6 million

Mount Olivet
Project: Treatment plant expansion and renovation
Details: Plant capacity is will be expanded to 63,000 gpd from 49,000
Status: Partially funded
Cost: $1.2 million

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Project: WWTP upgrades
Details: Improving nitrogen and phosphorous levels in effluent into the Yellowstone River
Status: Construction beginning this spring
Cost: $56.5 million

New York
Project: WWTP improvements
Details: Major rebuild of 50-year-old facility
Status: Construction to be done in phases
Cost: $39.1 million

North Carolina
Project: WWTP upgrades
Details: Adding new, more efficient pumps for use at plant
Status: To be completed this year
Cost: $1.5 million

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Del City
Project: WWTP improvements
Details: Eleven new pumps, LED lighting and new monitoring system
Status: Starting in March or April
Cost: $190,000

South Carolina
Project: Wastewater system update
Details: Plant has experienced problems meeting effluent standards
Status: Partially funded via Community Block Grant
Cost: $750,000

South Dakota
Sioux Falls
Project: Wastewater treatment plant
Details: Bids have been accepted for construction
Status: Starting construction in March or April
Cost: $4 million

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Project: WWTP improvements
Details: Replacement of the plant’s UV disinfection and clarifiers
Status: Work to start in March
Cost: $1.4 million

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