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Sample question:

What is the best way to deal with Nocardia foaming?

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A) Use water sprays to break up the foam
B) Try chemical antifoamants to break up the foam
C) Chlorinate RAS to eliminate the Nocardia
D) Prevent the conditions that encourage Nocardia growth


Once established, Nocardia foaming is difficult to eliminate. Foam is difficult to break with water sprays, typically does not respond to chemical antifoamants, and although helpful, chlorination does not eliminate the Nocardia because most is in the floc and not exposed to the chlorine. Therefore, the answer is D, prevent the conditions that encourage Nocardia growth.

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Source: WEF MOP11 20-127

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Ricky Lallish is the water pollution control program director at the Environmental Resources Training Center of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He provides training for entry level operators in the wastewater field and operators throughout the state looking to further their education.

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