YSI, a Xylem brand, introduced the Pro20i hand-held dissolved oxygen (DO) meter and the ProSample Series of fully automated, lightweight portable samplers at WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans Sept. 26-28.

The Pro20i meter is described as a ruggedized, easy-to-use, reliable and accurate unit for measuring DO and temperature in wastewater facilities. Operators can use it to spot-check the treatment process, confirm the accuracy of online instrumentation, and test effluent and receiving waters for compliance. It has an integrated cable (1-, 4- and 10-meter lengths available) rather than a removable cable and comes at a lower point than the company’s established Pro20 meter.

Whether for monitoring an aeration basin or checking receiving waters for permit purposes, the Pro20i sensors meet U.S. EPA approval for wastewater compliance reporting. The device can be used with the longer-life Polarographic dissolved oxygen sensor or the instant-on Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor.

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Sensors for the Pro20i come with polyethylene CAP membranes, requiring less stirring of sample waters and providing faster results. The DO electrode is user-replaceable for easy maintenance and upkeep.

The ProSample Series includes compact samplers that contain a customized peristaltic pump for accurate sampling in measuring increments that can be preset based on time intervals, flow rates or weather events. The robust and insulated plastic housing is designed for field use, keeping samples intact and at the proper temperature. The sampler is easily calibrated, with a visual indication light when the unit is ready.

A wastewater treatment plant can install the samplers at the plant influent channel, at the effluent outlet, or anywhere in between. Different models come with one, four, eight or 24 sample bottle options. Facilities can download sample data via USB to connect to a PC, or program the sampler on the keypad or at a PC and upload using the USB port.

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“This line of automated samplers gives us another solution to offer municipalities and plant operators to optimize efficiency and save manpower costs,” says Tim Grooms, director of marketing for Xylem Analytics North America.”

Visit www.ysi.com.

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