Landia introduced the GasMix system for anaerobic digesters at WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans, Sept. 26-28.

The system is deployed in anaerobic digesters containing wastewater biosolids, food processing byproducts, or any other waste or sludge containing decomposable organic material. In operation, a chopper pump draws material from the digester and pumps it through an aspirating venturi chamber. Biogas is aspirated from the top of the digester, mixed with the solids slurry, and injected into the tank.

Mixing is ensured in all areas of the tank through placement of one or more top gas/sludge ejector nozzles and a bottom-mixing nozzle.

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The manufacturer cites advantages over conventional digester mixing systems that include increased methane concentration due to enhanced cell breakdown and gas recirculation, absence of rotating equipment in the tank, a three-dimensional mixing pattern that reduced scum formation, and improved health and safety conditions due to installation outside the tank.

Capital cost is reduced because no walkways, platforms or hoists are required. No reinforcement of tank covers or walls is needed. The high-performance chopper pump prevents clogging of pipes and nozzles. Visit

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