When the city of Stromsburg, Nebraska, needed to find a solution for arsenic and manganese problems, it turned to AdEdge Water Technologies. In this case study, find out how the city successfully treated its water.

Customer: City of Stromsburg, Nebraska

Contaminant: Arsenic

Flow rate: 1.1 mgd

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Problem: In May 2011, AdEdge Water Technologies was selected among other vendors by Miller & Associates to supply a turnkey arsenic and manganese treatment system for the City of Stromsburg, Nebraska. Arsenic levels in the water ranged from 0.0178 mg/L to 0.0276 mg/L, and the manganese levels fluctuated between 0.05 mg/L and 0.12 mg/L, which is well above the EPA maximum contaminant levels of 0.010 mg/L arsenic and 0.05 mg/L manganese.

Solution: Several treatment options for the removal of these contaminants were considered; however, a GS+ approach was chosen for simultaneous co-contaminant removal and a smaller footprint than other processes. Project work was closely coordinated with Miller & Associates. AdEdge designed, manufactured and installed the treatment system.

The AdEdge ADGS+ system consists of two skid-mounted triplex packaged treatment units with 72-inch-diameter vessels. Raw water is oxidized with an iron-rich coagulant and added to the water before treatment to promote maximum removal of the arsenic and manganese. A polymer dosing pump is also included in the treatment system for effective process operation. The flocculated material after the polymer addition is captured in the ADGS+ media. The filters are backwashed and wastewater enters a holding tank where the solids settle before the water is recycled back to the head of the treatment system. A small portion of the wastewater is drained to a sanitary sewer to remove accumulated solids.

Installation was completed and the system began operation in July 2013. Since startup, both the arsenic and manganese concentrations have reached nondetectable levels.

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