By using the InnovaSonic 205, the Carmel Riviera Mutual Water Company in California was able to reduce its loss rate — all while saving money.

Large regional water companies, such as California American Water Company, which services the central coast of California, have already invested in high performance flow measurement instrumentation to better understand its usage.

Most Americans receive water service from community water and wastewater utilities. It is less known that private water companies own nearly 16 percent of the nation’s community water systems. Carmel Riviera Mutual Water Company is one such small rural water company. The company serves up to 600 homes located along California’s beautiful and rugged Big Sur Coast. Historically, the company estimated annual water loss rate through leaks, waste, evaporation and other losses at around 30 percent of total produced. The company budgeted almost $60,000 per year in initiatives to reduce leaks, including labor and materials for surveys and expensive repairs.

Sierra's solution
In an effort to expand operational efficiency, Carmel Rivera researched Sierra’s InnovaSonic 205 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter, which promised to help determine water-loss percentage, improve production efficiency, improve water quality (reducing back flush) and more accurately identify overusers. The versatility of the clamp-on ultrasonic meter made it a perfect tool for the small, often cash-strapped, water company. Simply clamp the sensors onto the outside of the water pipe for extremely accurate measurement  — with no need for costly system shut downs, pipe cutting and plumbing.

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After six months of using the InnovaSonic 205, Carmel Riviera found its actual loss rate to be only 12 percent of production — uncovering an 18 percent discrepancy in original water loss estimates. The improved production and usage figures derived from the InnovaSonic let the company significantly reduce its $60,000 annual maintenance and operations budget to target more funding on improving conservation and efficiency.

Here’s what makes Sierra’s InnovaSonic 205 an ideal choice:

  • Highly accurate (+/- 0.5 percent of reading) 
  • Reduces maintenance costs by providing accurate usage rates
  • One meter for pipes 2-inch to 200-inch
  • Clamp-on sensors are very easy to install with no pipe intrusions
  • Includes complete data logging and analysis tools

About Sierra Instruments
Sierra’s Flow Measurement and Control Division designs and manufactures flow instruments to cover nearly any gas, liquid and steam application spanning across global industries as diverse as oil and gas, scientific research, energy management, semicon, clean energy, aerospace and biotech. For more information, please visit

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