CorrVerter from Cortec Corporation is a water-based primer formulated to penetrate and eliminate rust on poorly prepared steel surfaces. It modifies surface rust into a hydrophobic passive layer and coats it with a film-forming latex that is combined with thickeners and dispersant for protection against rerusting. The water-based primer is environmentally friendly and nontoxic with a very low VOC. It can be covered with water- and solvent-based topcoats and is recommended for use on all ferrous metal surfaces when proper cleaning or sandblasting is difficult. The coating can be applied to dry or damp surfaces and should be allowed to air-dry 12 to 24 hours before applying the topcoat or putting it into the environment. It passes 1,000-hour salt spray testing (ASTM B 117) at 3 to 5 wet mils application. It is available in black or green. 800/426-7832;

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