R31 Series paddle aerator attachments from Brown Bear Corporation can be used for biosolids drying and aeration of compost windrows. It attaches to high-flow skid-steers and high-flow compact track loaders, and is designed for flows of up to 50 gpm and pressures up to 5,500 psi. It is available with or without the universal skid-steer hitch and in either 8- or 10-foot widths. The 31-inch-diameter unit provides an economical mechanical solution for accelerated air drying on pads and in drying beds, forming windrows, blending bulking agents or additives, pulverizing and aerating or water mixing for aerobic windrow composting. The rapid handling rate exposes all of the material to oxygen so noxious odors are minimized. Drive to the aerator rotor is through the high-flow hydraulic system of the carrier, via piston motor to a planetary gear reduction and then via an oil bath-lubricated final chain drive. 641/322-4220; www.brownbearcorp.com

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