Flo Spec Control Software from Anue Water Technologies is a fully SCADA-compliant program that allows for bidirectional monitoring and control of each system with access to Wi-Fi or Satellite/Local CAT 5 internet connectivity. It is manufactured in a NEMA 4 cabinet, and is standard with all three basic platforms, including Phantom I and II for point source odor control, FORSe 2 oxygen generation systems for force main corrosion control, and FORSe 5 Combination ozone and oxygen systems for larger odor and corrosion control applications. The efficiency of immediate data access and system control has allowed municipalities and industrial wastewater operations to reduce costs. The design allows stand-alone remote system monitoring as well as SCADA interface as a standard product offering. Options include specific alarm alerts that can be sent to any computer or smartphone to identify and correct problems quickly. 760/727-2683; www.anuewater.com

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