The FLEXFLO A-100N polymer pump from Blue-White Industries is capable of handling high-viscosity polymers used in water and wastewater treatment. According to Blue-White President Rob Gledhill, the pump’s built-in tube failure detection (TFD) system can help eliminate many of the problems that are often found in polymer feeding equipment.

“Common problems exist with current polymer metering pump technologies used in the industry, including sticking or failing ball check valves, loss of prime, expensive maintenance and rebuild kits, high pulsations, and costly polymer spills due to pump failures,” says Gledhill. “By selecting the FLEXFLO A-100N, these problems can be eliminated. A-100NP provides the perfect pump technology to precisely and gently meter polymers.”

If the TFD system senses tube failure, the pump will automatically shut off and energize a relay, permitting communication with external equipment, such as a backup pump or alarm. This technology virtually eliminates costly polymer spills and cleanup. In addition, no false triggering is caused by condensation and washdown procedures.

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“TFD detects virtually any chemical solution, preventing costly spills,” says Gledhill. “The A-100NP is equipped with the ideal wetted materials for use with all liquid polymer feed applications, eliminating potential compatibly problems.”

Gledhill points out that the TFD’s polymer sensor technology makes a major improvement over Blue-White’s older polymer feed pumps.

“The TFD system incorporated in older-model polymer pumps were not able to detect oil-based polymers,” he says. “These reengineered pumps incorporate new, sophisticated technology in a revised sensor assembly (TFD+) which enables it to detect virtually any chemical solution.”

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A-100NP pump models are self-priming. Their tube assemblies are stamped with clearly visible part numbers for simple reorder. They provide precise chemical feed to 124 gph, with a max working pressure of 100 psi. A version is offered with a variable-speed motor, dial knob control and on/off switch, while an alternate version is equipped with a variable-speed motor and a digital control with remote and local control.

Blue-White sales engineer Bill McDowell says the research and development phase of this particular model was extensive, as were testing procedures.

“Blue-White engineers have been working on the development of the new TFD+ sensor assembly for more than a year,” says McDowell. “Our customers, representatives, distributors and field service technicians have been asking for this product for a few years now. Early testing and high interest from end users and distributors indicate this product will provide a much-needed solution to a challenge in the field.” 714/893-8529;

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