All wastewater treatment systems have one thing in common: They need dissolved oxygen — and lots of it. Thanks to a breakthrough in aeration technology, affordable, highly effective aerators can help wastewater treatment plants economically meet regulatory requirements.

VaraCorp offers the Next Generation surface aerator, which promises low power consumption, affordable price and easy installation. The lightweight Next Generation surface aerators control ammonia, work well in cold temperatures and eliminate wind-whipped spray, all of which create an affordable option for municipalities. 

The aerators can be installed in many different locations within a treatment plant, including the last basin of a stabilization system for final treatment or the first basin to jump-start the aeration process. 

The Next Generation includes no-cost 24/7 tech support. Units typically ship within five days.

VaraCorp LLC manufactures and sells floating and dock-mounted aerators for many industries, including wastewater. 

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