Packaged Blower Motor Units from Wastewater Depot are preassembled units, housed in a fiberglass sound-reduction enclosure with optional electrical controls. Packaged air systems are available as a standard factory package or are engineered to meet specialized requirements. The units are built using a choice of Roots, Sutorbilt or Tuthill positive displacement blowers and use a standard ODP motor or an optional TEFC motor (explosion-proof motors are also available). The discharge piping includes a pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and check valve to prevent pressure blackflow from entering the blower. The vented fiberglass housing includes vibration isolation mounts to reduce both vibration and noise emitted from the system. A rubber hose connection is provided with the package for ease of installation at the project site. All packages enable simple on-site installation, whether going into a service building or outdoors. 513/732-0129;

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