The ST75 Series air/gas flowmeter from FCI - Fluid Components International operates in hot, wet, dirty environments to provide accurate measurement of mixed composition gases, including hydrogen, carbon monoxide and trace methane for biomass gasification. With its advanced thermal dispersion mass flow-sensing element, it measures mixed composition gases, can be configured to operate in cramped areas with limited pipe runs, and is safe for potentially flammable or explosive combustible gas environments. It operates over a wide flow range in mixed gas environments from 0.01 to 559 scfm, depending on line size. For variable process conditions such as those in biomass gasification plants, it is factory preset to a turndown range of 10-to-1 to 100-to-1. It has dependable accuracy to plus-or-minus 2 percent of reading with plus-or-minus 0.5 percent repeatability in line sizes from 0.25 to 2 inches. 800/854-1993;

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