The Thermal Hydrolysis System from Lystek International optimizes digesters and biological nutrient removal systems, contributing to diversion and sustainability. Nonhazardous materials are transformed into nutrient-rich, federally recognized biofertilizers and other multipurpose products. High-speed shearing, alkali and low-pressure steam are applied simultaneously in a reactor to convert organic materials into LysteGro, a commercial-grade, Class A EQ biofertilizer with applications in horticulture, agriculture and soil revitalization. The end product can also be used as a safe, cost-effective, alternative carbon source (LysteCarb) in BNR systems. When used in conjunction with anaerobic digestion (LysteMize), the system can reduce volumes by 25 percent while boosting biogas production by 40 percent. The biogas can then be converted into green energy to help power wastewater treatment plants. 888/501-6508;

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