Bio25-C from In-Pipe Technology is a bacterial blend used for the treatment of sewage and wastewater. It consists of all-natural, nonpathogenic Bacillus bacteria and is introduced into the wastewater system at strategic points via G2.5 dosing stations. As the blend is added over time, bacteria begin to dominate the sewer microcosm and control fats, oils and grease that often lead to odor problems and the excess growth of unwanted filamentous bacteria. Because the bacteria are all facultative, they are effective with or without dissolved oxygen, allowing organic materials and nutrients in the wastewater to be converted into gas or additional bacterial biomass and creating a 40 percent overall reduction in biosolids. By pretreating the collections system, this increases the readily biodegradable chemical oxygen demand and thus decreases the amount of organic biosolids that reach the plant, reducing costs for treatment, chemicals and power. 888/325-5033;

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