The MBBR Package system from Premier Tech Aqua is pre-engineered, which reduces wait time for professionals and the initial investment for clients. Suitable for commercial and community applications, new installations or retrofits, the one-stop-shop approach offers a variety of treatment options that can be mixed and matched to form a host of treatment combinations. Integrating Ecoprocess MBBR and Ecoflo Biofilter for final polishing, the treatment chains are delivered to sites and into rotomolded polyethylene tanks. They are suitable for both domestic and high-strength wastewater and ideal for projects between 1,000 and 20,000 gpd. Easily scalable, the system is appropriate for effluent discharge criteria that must meet at least 20/20 levels in BOD5 and TSS or require nitrogen removal. Integrating the Coco Filter Polishing Unit allows it to reach stringent discharge criteria of below 10/10. 604/346-8199;

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