The Model R OXIGEST treatment system from Smith & Loveless provides stable operation and flexible process options for high-strength wastewater or larger flows up to 5 mgd. The field-erected design encompasses complete aeration, clarification and advanced treatment processes, while allowing these units to be individually separated and controlled. The system achieves advanced nutrient removal and produces effluent quality suitable for water reuse and direct or indirect discharge. Its concentric tankage maximizes space efficiency in its footprint, preserving facility land for other key plant operations. It offers advanced process control and automation throughout the plant’s operation. Multiple aeration zones can be employed to provide specific activated sludge processes for desired treatment levels, including multistage aeration, complete mixed, plug-flow and nitrification/denitrification. Integral treatment process steps can include grit removal, flow equalization, re-aeration, tertiary filtration, chlorination, dechlorination and biosolids storage. 800/898-9122;

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