WEFTEC continues with an award for a noteworthy operator.

Editor's note: TPO Editor Ted Rulseh is attending WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans. Here is a newsworthy topic from the show floor.

Jerome Marshall went to work 22 years ago at the Sewer and Water Board of New Orleans “because I wanted to be part of something.”

He started out mowing grass and doing other assorted tasks; today he is a quality assurance service inspector in the board’s Networks Division and the recipient of two prestigious awards. During a program in the Innovation Pavilion at WEFTEC on Wednesday, Sept. 28, he received the Marcia St. Martin Employee of the Year award from Cedric Grant, water board executive director.

Earlier this year, Marshall became the first water or wastewater operator ever to receive the New Orleans Municipal Employee of the Year award. In presenting the award, Grant cited Marshall’s enthusiasm and professionalism on the job, and his work with the board’s Water Dogs team in the WEF Operations Challenge.

In his daily work, Marshall is responsible for helping ensure the integrity on New Orleans’ wastewater collection and water distribution systems. As a special recognition, WEF Innovation Team presented Marshall with an honorary Operator Ingenuity Award.

Clearly humbled by all the recognition, Marshall wondered if he was dreaming: “I’m still waiting to wake up.”   

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