An interactive app from Singer Valve lets users learn the functions of valves in municipal drinking water systems.

Now there’s a way to wrap your head around all the different valves found in municipal drinking water systems.

Singer Valve has created the interactive MetroH2O app as a way to demonstrate the forms and functions of valves at multiple locations around a typical water distribution network. “We’re all about education,” says Mark Gimson, business development and marketing manager. “We’ve created a tool that not only shows users the various types of valves in water systems but also uses animation to show how they actually work.”

The home page of MetroH2O shows a city of skyscrapers backed by a mountain range; a river below a hydroelectric dam flows along one side. Eleven “pins” mark the locations of the various valves:

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  • Pressure relief
  • Pressure reducing
  • Pressure sustaining
  • Altitude
  • Pump control
  • Bypass pump control
  • Float
  • Anti-cavitation
  • PRSM control
  • Surge anticipating
  • Electronic control

A click on any valve brings up a menu and a narrated description of the value and its purpose. Users then can select a product animation, a detailed description of the valve type in text, product pages, and an operation guide.

An alternate view of the cityscape lets users see the underground piping network and the valve locations and related structures.

Gimson calls the app a convenient way for people newer to the water sector to learn the basics of valve operation, and for more experienced people to review valve characteristics and locate relevant information on the Singer Valve product line.

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The app can be accessed from the home page at

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