Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities joins the trend toward more positive names for water and wastewater agencies

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department is no more. That is, the name is history, From now on, this widely respected North Carolina utility will be known as Charlotte Water. The new name took effect on Jan. 5. Just a few days earlier, the Shelbyville (Ind.) Wastewater Treatment Plant changed its name to the Shelbyville Water Resource Recovery Facility.

It’s part of a trend toward naming water agencies and facilities in ways that better reflect what they do. Charlotte Water director Barry Gullet told WBTV in Charlotte, “We've actually done quite a bit of work around our identity and learned a lot from our customers over the past two years. We learned that many of our customers did not recognize our previous department acronyms, and that our name was not indicative of our work. With the rebrand, we anticipate that the new name will better align with the quality services our department provides.”

The Charlotte Water website is now The agency’s Twitter handle is @CLTWater. The company also uses the social media hashtag: #CLTWater. Charlotte Water said the complete transition to the new name will unfold over two years. The agency’s services to customers will not change.

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Two such name changes in one month bode well for The Fire Chief Project, which has two key objectives:

  • Raise water professionals to the status of the fire chief
  • Make kids grow up wanting to be water professionals.

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