A water treatment operator tells his story through color.

Operator ingenuity — or creativity — can come in so many different shapes and forms. This week, we’d like to give a shout out to A. Taylor Musburger, a water treatment plant operator for the town of Friday Harbor in San Juan Island, Wash.

When not creating clean water or riding a motorcycle, Musburger creates parachute cord bracelets. He recently designed a bracelet to show his appreciation for clean water, using colors to represent elements of water treatment. The acid midnight blue stands for raw water, royal blue stands for finished water, neon green represents disinfection and the neon orange represents the added visibility needed when working on line breaks.

“Inspiration comes from hours and hours of making these bracelets and seeing what color combinations not only work well together, but can also tell a story or show meaning,” says Musburger.

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His wastewater treatment bracelet is equally symbolic. The green stands for sewer and storm drains, acid purple represents reclaimed water and neon green represents disinfection.

For more information on Musburger's water and wastewater treatment bracelets, visit www.facebook.com/NorthPorchParacord.

Here at Treatment Plant Operator magazine, we love hearing stories from operators. If you have something creative to share about what’s happening at your plant, send an email to editor@tpomag.com. Who knows, you could be featured on our website next!

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