Have you duct-taped your way out of a problem? Well, here’s your chance to shine.

You improved a process, created a new tool, fixed a problem. You found a better way to draw samples. You created a more efficient system or organized a lab. You thought on your feet, came up with an on-the-spot fix, or maybe really struggled with a problem at your plant and then created a solution.

You showed ingenuity. Creativity. Imagination.

On Monday, July 21, we’ll launch a new series that highlights the simple ways operators from around the country have solved small everyday problems.

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For the past three years, WEF has asked operators to submit their ideas and solutions in the annual Operator Ingenuity Contest. The winners from several categories are honored at WEFTEC and asked to present their ideas. In the first set of articles, we’ll feature the 2012 WEF Operator Ingenuity honorees, starting with the winner of the Work Environment category: Yellows Springs Water Reclamation Facility, where operator Joe Bates color-coded buildings for easy identification.

In the months to come, you’ll hear from operators who made small changes that turned into big improvements. Categories cover everything from maintenance to safety to process control to resourcefulness. Just watch for the logo featured on this page, which will accompany all of the features in the series.

The entry period for the 2014 competition is closed (We look forward to hearing about the winners during WEFTEC this year!) But make sure you check out the entry page on the WEF website so you’re ready for 2015.

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“We do believe our operators are often unsung heroes, and they work hard to save money, time and everyone’s health,” says Susan Mather, WEF director of education.

It’s your chance to shine.

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