What’s the first step for harnessing biogas at a treatment plant?

How can we make better use of the wasted biogas at our facility? As a wastewater treatment plant operator, I know anaerobic treatment processes produce biogas, which could be converted into a green, renewable fuel. But, as of now, that biogas — along with the money-saving potential that comes along with it — is disappearing into thin air.

What you are describing is a common concern for municipalities and industries alike. No one likes to see money going down the drain, and I applaud you for researching a waste-to-energy initiative. In addition to the attractive cost savings, by preventing methane from escaping into the atmosphere, you will be helping our environment.

The first step is to contain the biogas produced by anaerobic treatment. Geomembrane Technologies Inc.’s gas collection covers do just that. The covers are designed to be gastight for safe biogas handling and are made with strong, long-lasting materials to resist tears, punctures, chemicals and UV rays. Lagoons and tanks of any size can be fitted with a cover.

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Think covering a tank or lagoon will slow operations? Think again. Installation can be done without disrupting plant operation, and because GTI’s covers are safe to walk on, sampling contents and performing routine maintenance is easy. Hatches and ports can be provided within the covers themselves for simple access to mixers and other equipment. Our insulated cover designs even help maintain consistent temperatures throughout the anaerobic process.

Once captured, the biogas must be collected and delivered for use. We can help with that too. GTI’s biogas control system regulates the flow of biogas from underneath the cover and directs it into a pipeline for conversion into renewable energy. The system protects the cover while safely and reliably supplying the gas at the appropriate pressures.

I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to convert waste into energy at your facility. Biogas is a valuable resource for generating process heat or electricity, helping to offset energy costs — and save the environment.

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