Care to share your knowledge? We're in search of seminar speakers for WWETT 2015.

Winter 2015 might seem a distant speck on the horizon (After all, summer isn’t even officially here yet. And hey, Lake Superior is still sporting a few icebergs), but we’re already thinking about next winter. And we’re already planning for WWETT 2015 — the largest annual trade show for environmental service professionals.

And we need your help.

If you’re interested in presenting at this year’s Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment and Transport Show in Indianapolis, we’d like to hear from you. Simply fill out our online seminar proposal form and submit it no later than Aug. 1, 2014.

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Accepted submissions will receive four full registration passes to WWETT 2015 and a $100 speaking fee. Presentations should be 60 minutes in length and cover topics from a neutral, non-product-specific point of view. Think educational, not promotional.

We are accepting submission on the following topics:

• Septic collection, treatment, and disposal

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• Grease collection, treatment, and disposal

• Municipal collection, treatment, and disposal

• Onsite systems – installation, components, and maintenance

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• Sewer & drain – cleaning, inspection, repair, relining, locating, and detection

• Dewatering, biosolids, treatment, and technology

• Portable sanitation – special events and restroom service
• Business – marketing, financials, and social media

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• Safety

• Trucks & service vehicles – DOT regs, service and maintenance, 

• Technology and software

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• Excavation methods

WWETT 2015 will be held Feb. 23-26 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Ind. For more information, and to see photos from 2014, a list of previous vendors and more, visit

For more information on submitting a presentation proposal, contact Julie Gensler at or call 866/933-2655.

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