A youngster learns the treatment process with classic toys

Legos are awesome toys. Amazing toys. Toys that spur creativity and perhaps the occasional parental nightmare: a living room floor covered in little blocks, otherwise known as landmines for bare feet. But the great thing about those colorful blocks is you can basically create anything. And by “anything,” I mean even a wastewater treatment plant, according to our latest favorite video on YouTube. 

Now hold on, you say, a Lego wastewater treatment facility? That’s right, completely out of rainbow-hued Legos. 

But the best part is that little Wally, who created this masterpiece, narrates in great detail how the treatment plant works, right down to grit chambers and scum and sludge removal. 

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Take a look. It’s a pretty impressive nod to the wonders of wastewater treatment. 

(We’d also like to give a shout-out to the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District blog, where we discovered this gem. The blog is full of all sorts of fun facts about water and wastewater, and it contains some great ideas for public education.) 

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